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Two books for your consideration

Recently I have published (Kindle Direct Publishing) two books: informal approach to philosophy and other issues which you might find interesting. They are

“Philosophy in the light and in the shadows: Commentary on Philosophy, Metaphysics, Religion, Free Will and Disembodied Existence “

“A Trek Through the Foothills of Philosophy: Questions, Reflections, and Conversations – Visiting a Few Philosophical Issues .”

Amazon states regarding the first: This book is a somewhat irreverent look at philosophy, asking what is the value of philosophy? Following that introduction are commentary on issues in metaphysics, religion, the free will issue and the claims of disembodied existence both prior to birth and following death. The author uses a critical, linguistic approach in dealing with these issue. The book should be provocative reading for students of philosophy and anyone with some interest in the subject.

And regarding the second: You might ask, “Why another book on philosophy? Aren’t there already too many?” Yes, a skeptic might say, too many already. But insofar as the study of philosophy is more than an academic project and constitutes important aspects of a person’s life, a book can bring out the personal (and maybe unique) experience of philosophy. This is what the present volume attempts to do. In so doing, it seeks to shine some light on the field of philosophy.

The study of philosophy can be compared to a hike in the hills insofar as it requires some dedication and can bring benefit, both intellectual and spiritual. We follow Tavio and his friend Meño as they try to establish a few footholds on a few gentle rock climbs in the geography of philosophy. In so doing they discuss issues and questions regarding the nature of philosophy, ethics, justice, religion, reality, belief, knowledge, and free will. This takes place in context of Tavio recounting some of his philosophical growth and his appreciation of the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Wittgenstein. In closing, they try their hand at stating the value of the study and a life of philosophy.

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